Mr. Eldercare 101 Enterprises Inc. is an Eldercare EDUCATION & TRAINING company.  Our mission is to help individual caregivers-and the organizations that employ them-manage through the challenges associated with caring for aging loved ones.

Reasons To Hire Mr.Eldercare101

Most people are not prepared to care for aging loved ones. They don’t know what to expect and where to get reliable information and services when the inevitable issues arise. Most caregivers don’t feel they can effectively care for their aging loved ones AND THEMSELVES (in caps because a caregiver can’t care for someone else if they are in the “sick bed” next to them). Very often caregivers feel isolated and concerned about finding information and services they can trust. When you add in worries about how to pay for goods and services you have the perfect eldercare storm.
At Mr. Eldercare 101 we understand many eldercare challenges are emotional, financial, physical, and most importantly PREVENTABLE. That’s why caregivers-and the organizations that employ them-hire Mr. Eldercare 101.
We educate and prepare caregivers so they can most effectively (and lovingly) care for their aging loved ones while continuing to care for their own: health; careers; finances; and other relationships.

  • We educate caregivers (and prospective caregivers) with actionable information so they can care for aging loved ones while they care for and maintain the other aspects of their lives
  • We help and educate organizations to best support the 20% of their workforces that are caring for aging loved ones. This maintains/improves productivity, boost morale, and reduces absenteeism. Employers who offer eldercare wellness programs realize significant ROI because health and wellness directly affect productivity, employee satisfaction scores, retention and ultimately profits

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Mr. Eldercare 101 helps caregivers stay happier, healthier, and more engaged.

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