• In 2018 Eldercare issues cost companies over $36 BILLION in lost productivity, and billions more were wasted mitigating avoidable issues
  • Mr. Eldercare 101 Enterprises Inc. is an Education and Training company.  We provide Consulting Services, Training Seminars and Educational Classes/Materials to organizations and their employees who care for aging loved ones (1-in-5 workers).

“Both employers and caregivers benefit when employees have the information and resources necessary to best care for themselves as they care for their aging loved ones“ — Derrick Y. McDaniel “Mr. Eldercare 101”

Mr. Eldercare 101 Enterprises Inc.  educates and trains employees facing eldercare challenges – empowering them to care for themselves and remain engaged at work.

In 2018 companies lost over $36 BILLION to unrecognized eldercare issues and then spent billions more on misaligned benefits programs.   We consult with organizations so they properly categorize employee issues and properly align benefit programs to best meet employee needs.  Through education and training (live & on-line) we enable workers to manage their own health, careers, finances, and other relationships (spouses, children, siblings etc.) as they care for aging loved ones.  Ultimately, workers are healthier and more engaged while the company’s health care cost are contained.

Common Eldercare impacts:

TO THE COMPANY: increased healthcare expenses; lower employee/caregiver engagement;  reduced productivity; significant loss of institutional knowledge; business disruptions; employee recruitment/retention challenges; misaligned Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs); lower employee satisfaction scores; and lower profits.

TO THE EMPLOYEE/CAREGVER: impacts to health (physical, mental, emotional); career trajectories; finances; and other relationships (significant others, children, siblings etc.)

At Mr. Eldercare 101 we’re current and former caregivers.  We know that while every caregiver’s journey is unique to them; the feeling of being alone and/or unprepared to provide care is almost universal.  That’s why “request for more information” is the single most common form of help desired by caregivers (84%).

At Mr. Eldercare 101 we provide the requested information in the form of education and training (in-person & on-line).  As current and former caregivers we can anticipate their unasked questions because we’ve already walked the path they’re still walking.  Use the contact form below to get more information about Mr. Eldercare 101’s comprehensive “caring for the caregiver” and “ELDERCARE WELLNESS” programs.  Contact us for more information at Good luck on your caregiving journeys.



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Mr. McDaniel speaks to real caregiver issues. Because he was a caregiver-he gets it.

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All caregivers need information, and that’s what Mr. Eldercare 101 (Derrick McDaniel) provides

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Mr. McDaniel’s workshop made our senior staff more sensitive to caregiver challenges which then helped them better understand, support, and manage their team members 

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