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At Mr. Eldercare 101 we know and understand the often overwhelming challenges and REAL IMPACTS to those who care for aging loved ones because we have lived them.  Our programs, products and services are created by caregivers, for caregivers  

Professional Speaking

Mr. Eldercare 101 presentations engage and educate audiences while demonstrating your organizations commitment to supporting employees as they face the challenges of caring for an aging loved one.


Mr. Eldercare 101 webinars are 60-90 minute live on-line educational events for geographically dispersed audiences. Each focuses on a specific group of caregiver challenges (Health, Work, Finance, Family Dynamics etc.).  Caregivers learn solutions from experts in “real time”.

Mr. Eldercare 101 Resource Library (repository of educational materials)

Mr. Eldercare 101’s resource library is a complete repository of ALL educational materials, and lots of exclusive content, accessible to clients via a separate secure log-in & password

On-line Courses

Mr. Eldercare 101’s On-Line Courses are automated multi-class educational tools. Each class is designed to be intuitive and provide actionable information.

Mr. Eldercare 101 App

Mr. Eldercare 101 App is a two way communications conduit that allows caregivers to access all information platforms and receive real-time information, spot-lighted updates and all relevant notifications

Half & Full Day Seminars

Mr. Eldercare 101 seminars (Half & Full Day) educate and provide actionable solutions to specific organizational challenges created when employees care for aging loved ones – Productivity, Communication, Engagement, Retention, Cost Containment etc.

2 Minute Video Series

Mr. Eldercare 101’s 2-Minute Videos each address one (1) specific eldercare question or topic.  They’re specifically tailored to caregivers stressed, confused and overwhelmed by the demands of caring for an aging loved one.

Expert Interview Series

Mr. Eldercare 101’s Expert Interview Series provides answers and solutions to caregiver challenges from industry thoughts leaders: Attorneys explaining the law; Geriatric Care Managers explaining the issues; Financial Products Experts demonstrating creative ways to pay for services and protect assets etc.

Book & Other Written Materials

Mr. Eldercare 101 has an extensive library of written materials to answer almost any caregiver question and help caregivers prepare for challenges they have not yet experienced


Mr. Eldercare 101 Podcast are audio versions of the educational materials for caregivers who learn better by listening and for those who need to download information and listen at a later time

Corporate Consulting

Mr. Eldercare 101 helps organizations identify the scope and impacts of eldercare challenges then designs custom solutions to help organizations best support employees, manage risk, and maintain profitability.


  • “Eldercare challenges reduce overall productivity and impacts profits. Mr. McDaniel’s presentation was valuable because he presented both information and solutions.” – Martin, Managing Director, MCCGUSA


  • “Derrick provides very useful and clear advice about eldercare and does so with a twist. He delivers it with a touch of humor that brings smiles to family caregivers that they so much appreciate.” – Jim Siegel, Executive Vice President, national non-profit organization


  • “The “11 Best Ways To Pay for Eldercare” webinar series covered both private and public payment options and multiple techniques. Invaluable information.” – Lewis Spann, Civil Engineer & Real Estate Construction Project Management


  • “Derrick’s presentation was practical, understandable and unexpectedly funny. He speaks directly to the stress and sometimes overwhelming number of issues caregivers face as their loved ones age. ” – Terrie Williams, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker

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