• When people age BOTH the care recipient and the caregiver are impacted


  • There are MANY impacts to Caregivers. They fall into four (4) main categories:
    I.  Health
    II. Career
    III. Finances
    IV. Other Relationships

“Both employers and caregivers benefit when employees have the information and resources necessary to best care for themselves as they care for their aging loved ones“ — Derrick Y. McDaniel “Mr. Eldercare 101”

Caregiver Challenges


Caregivers are more likely to report: depression; diabetes; high blood pressure; pulmonary disease etc. While you are caring for someone do you know how to stay physically & emotionally healthy?


Eldercare is expensive. 2018 National Average Cost of: Nursing Home-$98,000 (private room); Assisted Living Facility-$46,000 (semi-private room); Home Care-$40,000-$80,000; and Adult Daycare-$27,000.  How will you afford these cost, and do you know the multiple payment options?

Other Relationships

Other relationships suffer when caring for aging loved ones. Marriages are strained, and missing children’s sporting or educational events are common.   Siblings argue and relationships with care recipients can even be strained.  How will you maintain your connections to the other important people in your life?  


1-in-5 workers care for aging loved ones. 70% of those caregivers have work related difficulties and many leave their jobs.  On average women leaving the workforce forfeit over $324,000 and jeopardize their future ability to afford desired eldercare services.  How will you simultaneously handle both your professional life and family responsibilities? 

Mr. Eldercare 101 Solutions

“What Other People Say About Mr. Eldercare 101”

“Mr. McDaniel speaks to real caregiver issues. Because he was a caregiver-he gets it.”  – J. Templeson

“All caregivers need information, and that’s what Mr. Eldercare 101 (Derrick McDaniel) provides” – M. Edwards

“Mr. McDaniel’s workshop made our senior staff more sensitive to caregiver challenges which then helped them better understand, support, and manage their team members . – J. Martin



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Mr. McDaniel provided practical tips that allowed me to be there for my dad . . .

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