The importance of remembering to, and prioritizing caring for yourself – especially when caring for others – cannot be overstated. You must make your own well-being a high priority. Even though caring for yourself may seem like one more thing on an already overcrowded...

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How Adult Daycare Saved My Family

  Dear Mr. Eldercare101: Thank you for the work you do. You helped save my family. About 5 years ago my grandmother, who is 80, starting showing signs that something was wrong. My parents took her to a few doctors and seemed more depressed every time they came home....

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Derrick Y. McDaniel

DERRICK Y. McDANIEL (“Mr. Eldercare 101”) 4 South Orange Ave. Office: 973-532-2713 x 706 South Orange, NJ 07079 e-mail: Derrick McDaniel works with caregivers to help them provide the best care possible to their loved ones while...

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Who Cares?

Some people will become caregivers gradually which can begin by running errands or accompanying a parent to doctor's appointments. Most will become caregivers as a result of a crisis situation (heart attack, stroke, severe fall, etc.). The better informed you are, the...

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