Is Mom Safe this Thanksgiving???

(Part 1 of 2)  Early recognition that an elder may need assistance allows for proper planning and preparations (i.e. increased number of options, improved quality of care, and less expense).  Here are a few things to look for during your next visit: Signs around the...

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Is Homecare The Right Choice

When it comes to the residential aspects of eldercare, homecare is often the most preferable option.  I was the primary caregiver to my grandmother and she-like the vast majority of older people (over 80%)-preferred to remain in her own home.  For most, this is an...

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Keeping Older Drivers Safe

Most elderly drivers outlive their safe driving lifetimes by 7-10 years.     Trying to keep aging loved ones safe when driving is a common issue for caregivers.   Unfortunately, the “safe driving” conversation doesn’t normally happen until some type of major incident...

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According to the the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP (2012), 65.7 million caregivers make up 29 percent of the US adult population and provide care to someone who is ill, disabled, or aged. Eighty percent of the care provided to the elderly in the United...

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