I. Education Resource & Consulting company focused on the Eldercare challenges and impacts facing corporations & individuals

II. Our Mission:

Is to be the preeminent eldercare strategy and educational solution provider to organizations and their employees.

“Both employers and caregivers benefit when employees have the information and resources necessary to best care for themselves as they care for their aging loved ones“ — Derrick Y. McDaniel “Mr. Eldercare 101”



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Mr. Eldercare 101’s Story

Derrick Y. McDaniel is a nationally recognized Eldercare expert, published author, professional speaker, and consultant focused on the Eldercare challenges faced by corporations and their employees.


In 2014 he authored the critically acclaimed book: Eldercare, The Essential Guide To Caring For Your Loved One And Yourself.  http://bit.ly/EldercareGuideBook, and regularly publishes articles in national publications like Ebony, and Huffington Post.


Derrick earned his MBA and Law degrees simultaneously from Boston University and has a B.A. in English from Hobart College.  He’s admitted to the New York Bar, and is a member of: the National Black MBA Association; the American Bar Association; and the Boule. 


Throughout the years Derrick’s held Board positions in organizations focused on the needs of disenfranchised communities and provided mentorship to young people.  He enjoys outdoor activities, entrepreneurial ventures, and most importantly being a dad.   

Our Causes

These are some of ours:

At Mr. Eldercare 101 we believe balance is important so in  addition to caring for the caregivers-and their aging vulnerable loved ones-we actively encourage and support people having other passions and interests.  These are some of ours

Girl Scouts – https://www.girlscouts.org/

Wounded Warrior Project – https://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/

What Other People Say About US

1. “Eldercare challenges reduce overall productivity and impacts profits.  Mr. McDaniel’s presentation was valuable because he presented both information and solutions.” 

 J. Martin, Managing Director, MCCGUSA

2. “Derrick provides very useful and clear advice about eldercare and does so with a twist. He delivers it with a touch of humor that brings smiles to family caregivers that they so much appreciate.”

Jim Siegel, Executive Vice President, national non-profit organization

3. “The “11 Best Ways To Pay for Eldercare” webinar series covered both private and public payment options and multiple techniques.   Invaluable information.”

Lewis Spann, Civil Engineer & Real Estate Construction Project Management

4. “Derrick’s presentation was practical, understandable and unexpectedly funny.  He speaks directly to the stress and sometimes overwhelming number of issues caregivers face as their loved ones age.”

Terrie Williams, Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker

5. “Derrick McDaniel’s presentation on the many challenges faced by caregivers was excellent. As someone new to caregiving I now feel like I have a roadmap to use as I go forward.”

Alicia Bartley, Attorney, New York City

6. “Mr. McDaniel’s presentation was detailed and unexpectedly funny. I laughed, and it made the topic less scary.”

Gladys Harris, Health Care consultant

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