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Derrick Y. McDaniel, (Mr. Eldercare 101™) has literally written the book on Eldercare. He works with caregivers to provide the absolute best care to their elderly loved ones while simultaneously helping them to care for themselves, their families and their careers.
Two decades ago Mr. McDaniel entered the eldercare industry on the client side. As the primary caregiver to his grandmother his initial industry experiences were from the caregiver perspective – as he cared for an aging loved one and frequently found himself confused, anxious, tired etc. His role as a caregiver continues to influence his outlooks and he typically writes and speaks from a “caregiver-centric” perspective.
With over 2 decades experience he’s now a recognized industry expert and popular speaker who effectively communicates practical guidance on topics related to eldercare. He frequently consults to caregivers and develops solutions to the myriad of financial, legal, professional, and personal challenges they face when caring for an aging loved one. Mr. McDaniel writes for national publications and his critically acclaimed book Eldercare, The Essential Guide To Caring For Your Loved One and Yourself answers every important question a caregiver can ask. Mr. McDaniel also host both the Mr. Eldercare101™ podcast and video series.
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Mr. McDaniel’s current professional responsibilities include day-to-day operations management for Caring Hearts NYC & NJ, consulting to private clients and professional speaking engagements. He frequently serves as a commentator (Radio & Television) regarding eldercare issues and publishes industry related articles in international magazines and online publications. Over the past 15 years he has counseled hundreds of families both formally and informally.


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I became the primary caregiver to my grandmother as she aged and needed more help. My mother, who was the designated caregiver – and a more “natural” choice – to be the caregiver for my grandmother, lived in South Carolina, while my grandmother lived in New York City. As my grandmother aged and her health began to decline my mother relocated to New York City to assume the role of caregiver. Unfortunately, God had other plans and within 6 weeks of her relocation my mother passed away unexpectedly. Her death left a huge void (which continues to this day) and left vacant the role of primary caregiver to my grandmother.
My grandmother also had two sons, at the time, both in their mid to late sixties, who lived in New York City. For reasons covered in the book (see chapter 5—Family Matters), neither son was properly tempered to become her caregiver. This left me as the most suitable caregiver. It should be noted that my grandmother and I had always been close. Becoming her caregiver made us even closer. As I got to know her in new and different ways—from the perspective of a care provider/confidante/chauffeur etc.-I learned many new and wonderful things about her. Once she trusted me to care for her she also began to trust me with important family stories, her thoughts, a life-time of accumulated knowledge, varied experiences, and more. I began to know the amazing woman Satara Lucille Young; who I had only known previously as my grandmother. She was such an amazing woman. In retrospect, of the many gifts my grandmother gave me throughout my life, her trust as her caregiver was the most precious.
Fortunately, for us both, my responsibilities as her caregiver started small and increased gradually. We were also fortunate that I was immediately comfortable in the role of caregiver. It is not for everyone. While I loved unconditionally-and for the most part-understood my grandmother, I am not saying it was always easy or enjoyable. There were days that she “plucked my last nerve like a guitar string”. But, even through the fear, frustration and stress, I now realize, that the caregiver role was as important and beneficial to me as it was to her. For years I cared for, advised, and protected her, and in doing so pushed myself in ways I hadn’t previously. Surprisingly, this made me a better, happier, and more fulfilled person. My experiences (and those of many others) along with tips, techniques, & solutions to many caregiving challenges are the substance of my book – Eldercare, The Essential Guide To Caring For Your Loved One And Yourself.

After years of Eldercare consulting, providing professional advice and caring for the elderly, Derrick Y. McDaniel, a recognized expert in the eldercare industry, attorney and former NYU professor, has composed a resource tool to help everyone who cares for their aging loved ones. Eldercare, The Essential Guide to Caring for Your Loved One and Yourself is a book that answers all the tough care giving questions – even the ones that most people do not know to ask.

What Others Say About Me

Derrick provides very useful and clear advice about eldercare and does so with a twist. He delivers it with a touch of humor that brings smiles to family caregivers that they so much appreciate.

Jim SiegelExecutive Vice President at a national non-profit organization that operates in the health care field

Derrick’s presentation was practical, understandable and unexpectedly funny.  He speaks directly to the stress and sometimes overwhelming number of issues caregivers face as their loved ones age.

Terrie WilliamsBest Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker

Derrick McDaniel’s presentation on the many challenges faced by caregivers was excellent. As someone new to caregiving I now feel like I have a roadmap to use as I go forward.

Alicia BartleyAttorney, New York City

As a caregiver now (and 4 other times previously) I appreciate the advice Derrick gives because he himself is a former caregiver.  He’s been on the frontlines in the battle of caregiving.

Jeff Dunst Independent Insurance Broker. Licensed 42 years

Derrick McDaniel’s presentation and book are both full of good information, tips and directions to helpful resources.

Maggie Reilly-BrooksSVP, Deputy General Counsel, A&E Television networks

Attending a Derrick McDaniel presentation will be a wakeup call for his audience and will motivate his listeners to take action to effectively manage their lives in the event of illness or incapacity and give them a better understanding of caregiving responsibilities for a parent, spouse or child with disabilities

Peter J. StraussAttorney, Drinker Biddle &Reath