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Mr. Eldercare 101 live educational events engage, inform, encourage, and connect Caregivers & Baby-Boomers (the “Longevity Economy”) with resources they frequently request, and desperately need. 

Caregivers and Baby-Boomers hear from industry professionals, preeminent thought leaders and local experts who understand the multitude of issues faced by people on both sides of the caregiving paradigm.  Presenters connect with  audiences by sharing insights and experiences.  Questions are answered, and solutions are offered for life’s aging related challenges.  Attendees leave better equipped to manage aging related  issues and better care for their loved ones as they care for themselves, their other family members, and their careers. 

Best of all, they know they’re not alone. 

On-site participants connect in a nurturing, no-pressure environment with industry experts, lawyers, professional caregivers, geriatric care managers, and sponsors who have the services and products to make seniors more comfortable-while making caregiver’s lives easier.