Eldercare Guide Book

The book written for those who care for their elderly loved ones while trying to care for themselves, their households, their jobs, their children and their social obligations – In other words, YOU

Learn every aspect of Caregiving.

The book tackles every aspect of caregiving for the elderly, including such topics as talking to the care recipient, developing a caregiver game plan, handling stress and depression, dealing with siblings, preparing the necessary documents, handling the transition and stretching your money.

Get answers to tough questions.

Eldercare answers all the tough questions that you do not know to ask. Written by Derrick Y. McDaniel who is a respected industry veteran, a popular eldercare speaker, and most importantly a former industry client; he understands the incredible demands that caring for an elderly loved one places on you, your family, your relationships (personal and professional) and your bank account. The book also includes A SPECIAL SECTION ON HOME HEALTH CARE.

Your peace of mind is waiting

Get practical advice for dealing with eldercare issues from someone who has personally lived through the challenges and has helped countless families through their own struggles. The book tackles real world problems in a clear and concise format written in an easy to understand style.  Eldercare, is the book you need to read if you are currently a caregiver or someday expect to be one.